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Stress Management Workshops

Stress Management Workshops

Stress has been defined as a situation where a person perceives that the demands placed on them exceed their personal and social resources.

When a person feels the demands are too great, there is a tendency to become overwhelmed by the enormity of their problems, which causes a state of physical and psychological distress.

The stress management workshops, aim to provide information and skills training to enhance coping in people experiencing symptoms of stress and related difficulties. Whilst all the stress workshops deliver similar material, information and activities presented are tailored to be delivered to different age and developmental groups.

Each session of the stress and coping workshops is designed to run for 1 -2 hours. Activities will be completed during the sessions and participants will also be invited to complete home activities to reinforce skills and concepts learnt in session.

If you are in crisis or have a mental health emergency and require immediate assistance:

Phone the Ambulance Service - 000
Visit your local hospital emergency department
Call or visit your local mental health service
Contact your local GP