New Directions Psychology

What To Expect At Your Session

What is likely to happen when you visit a therapist?
Usually, therapy is structured so that you have regular sessions with the therapist. How often will depend on a number of factors, but it will usually be weekly at the start and may become less regular over time depending on your progress and needs.
Many therapists will also agree with you to come for a set length of time. For example, you may see them weekly for 6 -8 weeks, and then review how things are going and establish a new agreement.
Reviewing progress is often an important part of the process. The sessions may vary in length but are usually 50-60 minutes long. It is not uncommon for the therapist to also give you some tasks that you do between sessions.
The first time that you see your psychologist, talk to them about what may be the best arrangement for you.

If you are in crisis or have a mental health emergency and require immediate assistance:

Phone the Ambulance Service - 000
Visit your local hospital emergency department
Call or visit your local mental health service
Contact your local GP