New Directions Psychology

Dr Amber Fitzell

amber fitzell

Clinical Psychologist & Director
B PsySc (Hons) D Psych (Clinical) MAPS

Psychology Board of Australia-approved
Supervisor (Clinical Psychology)

Jindalee & Ipswich Practices

When experiencing psychological difficulties it is essential to have a safe and non-judgmental environment to seek support. Amber strives to provide such an environment. She equips clients with valuable knowledge and skills to empower them to better cope and make meaningful changes in their lives.

Amber considers her work a privilege when clients allow her into their stories. She finds sharing their therapeutic journey of recovery and self-development an extremely rewarding experience. This, in combination with the dynamic and challenging nature of her work, keeps Amber a passionate and driven psychologist.

Amber has experience in providing successful evidence-based psycho-therapy to a wide range of child, adolescent and adult clients. Her extensive experience incorporates presenting problems ranging from: depressive and anxiety-related difficulties; stress; trauma and abuse; parenting and behavioural difficulties; low self-esteem; chronic pain and disease; grief and loss; and issues of adjustment and change.

Ambers works within a variety of therapeutic frameworks; however, she primarily practises Cognitive Behavioural and Mindfulness based therapies. Amber is particularly passionate about using Acceptance and Commitment Therapy to equip clients with the skills and knowledge to enable them to derive meaning and satisfaction in their lives despite the obstacles they may face.

Amber has facilitated various group programs targeting children, adolescents and adults in stress management, social skills, mindfulness, and parenting (Triple P and Stepping Stones).

Amber has over 8 years of professional experience within the community setting. This has included employment in non-for profit clinics providing evidence-based psychological assessment and intervention to children, young people, adults and families suffering from a range of mental health conditions and psychosocial issues. Amber has also worked in a hospital setting providing psychological assessment and intervention to inpatients and outpatients presenting with a range of psychological and co-morbid medical conditions.

In addition to clinical practice, Amber has been an Honorary Lecturer for the UQ School of Psychology and continues to enjoy her contribution to the development of psychologists through the supervision and training of postgraduate clinical psychology students.

Amber has published works that include:

Fitzell, A. & Pakenham, K. I. (In press, accepted 30/09/09). Application of a stress and coping model to positive and negative adjustment outcomes in colorectal cancer caregiving. Psycho-oncology.

If you are in crisis or have a mental health emergency and require immediate assistance:

Phone the Ambulance Service - 000
Visit your local hospital emergency department
Call or visit your local mental health service
Contact your local GP